Extension to extension call__________

Lift the handset

Dial required extension

If extension is free you will get rink back tone, if extension is busy you will get busy tones.


Auto Call Back on busy extension / No reply extension____________

Dial the extension number and on getting busy tone dial '8'

You will get confirmation tone

Hang up

When called extension is free, both the extension will ring.


For making outgoing call__________

Dial '0'

If line is free you will get P&T dial tone, if line is busy you will get busy tone. On hearing dial tone, Dial the required telephone number.


Call Transfer__________

An internal or external call received/originated can be transferred to other extension (within NCRA extension numbers) On holding a call


Dial FLAST* followed by extension number where call is to be transferred.

If extension is free you will get ring back tone.

If you have to consult before transferring the call, wait for response.

If you have to transfer without consulting, hang up.

If you found extension no reply or busy press FLASH again to talk to called party.

On busy you can hang up & call will be transferred to extesion when first call is over.

On dialing FLASH the other party will be put Music on hold.


Call Forwarding_____________

Dial 866 followed by the extension number where call is to be forwarded.

You will get confirmation tone Hang up


Call Forward cancellation___________

Dial 866 followed by own extension number You will confirmation tone hang up


Call Pick up________________

Dial 88 followed by ringing extension number


VOIP Calls to GMRT / NARAYANGAON / NCRA__________________

Dial '5' followed by extension number at GMRT or Narayangaon or NCRA


Enter your own Supervisory Mode_______

Several features can be activated through supervisory mode. This feature illustrates how to enter into supervisory mode. This programming is extension specific hence programmble from each extension using extension pass code.


Dial 865 followed your four digit password.


Do not disturb -_____________

Get into own supervisory mode-Dial 59.