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gvfits 1.11: lta to FITS; December 2005; Jayaram N. Chengalur

The current version of gvfits at site is 1.11. In this version

a) one should be able to combine lta and ltb files from the IndianPolar mode into a single FITS file where the USB and LSB data appear as different sidebands. The lta and ltb files will have to be merged using ltamerge before input to listscan and gvfits.

b) A bug where files larger than about 5 GB were not being properly converted has been fixed.

c) The default IAT to UTC offset has been set to 33 seconds for observations made after 31/Dec/2005, since the addition of a leap second is expected on that date. Users will be able to see this in the log file produced by listscan.

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