Lecture series on "Techniques of Radio Astronomy and GMRT"

Here we are presenting the documents/presentations (pdf's/ppt's) for the lecture series which was conducted in GMRT in February - May 2016, on topic "Techniques of Radio Astronomy and GMRT", organised by Dr Shubhendu Joardar and Kaushal Buch.
The lecture series has theory lectures, talks on various GMRT sub-systems. It was also aimed to provide the theoretical concepts of techniques of radio astronomy and practical aspects and working of GMRT.

Sr. No.Lecture TopicSpeaker
1.Orientation and Introduction to GMRTKaushal Buch
2.Introduction to Radio AstronomyShubhendu Joardar
3.Basics of Antennas Shubhendu Joardar
4.Basics of Radio Telescopes Shubhendu Joardar
5.Polarimetry Shubhendu Joardar
6.Design concepts of single-dish radio telescopes Shubhendu Joardar
7.Design concepts of radio-interferometer Shubhendu Joardar
8.Array mode of radio telescope Kaushal Buch
9.Receiving systems for radio telescope Shubhendu Joardar
10.GMRT Frontend system (Presentation is not available) Suresh Kumar - GC (frontend)
11.Interferometer, Aperture Synthesis and Radio mappingDivya Oberoi
12.Interferometer, data calibration and imaging techniquesDharam Vir Lal
13.GMRT Backend system Ajith Kumar - GC (Backend)
14.Propagation effects in GMRTShubhendu Joardar
15.GMRT Servo systemSuresh Sabhapathy - GC (servo)
16.GMRT Telemetry system and OperationsS Nayak - GC (telemetry), Ishwar Chandra C H
17.Control Room ActivitiesJayprakash Kamble


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