Observer/Visitor Feedback Form

We would like your valuable feedback on the overall success of your observing session/visit, as well as your comments and suggestions to help improve facilities and user support at the observatory.

Basic Information
Reason(s) For Visit Observing Data Processing
Technical Development Others
Dates of Observations/Visits
Proposal code(s)
Type(s) of observations Solar and Planetary Pulsars
Galactic : Continuum Galactic : Spectral Line
Extragalactic : Continuum Extragalactic : Spectral Line
Frequency band(s) : 150 MHz 233 MHz 325 MHz
610 MHz 1060 MHz 1170 MHz
1280 MHz 1390 MHz 1420 MHz
610-235 MHz (Dual Freq.)
Observing Summary
Degree of success of your observations Very SuccessfulModerately Successful
Barely AcceptableComplete Failure
Are these observations likely to result in a paper Yes No Maybe
Description of success and problems faced including any comments on system performance :
Description/comments on the RFI environment :
Specific suggestions/comments on hardware, software, documentation and user support :
Please comment on the following facilities and assistance given during your stay
Computer Facilities
Library Facilities
Canteen Facilities
Transport and Communication
Secretarial Assistance
Telescope Operations
Scientific Support

Any Further/Other Comments


Note : This feedback will be forwarded to the Operations Group, GMRT.