Observation Setup and Command File Creater

Observation Setup
Project Code :
Project Title :
User's Name :
User's Email :
Date of Observation :
Start Time (IST hours) :
Integration Time (sec) :
Correlator Mode :
Beam Mode (pulsar) :
Channel nos. :
Radio Frequency Band :
Observation Type :
Spectral line Frequency (MHz) (line obs only) :
Band Width (MHz) :

Special Requirement (If any)


Source List

Source(s) Co-ordinates :-

Source_Name      RA              Dec               Epoch

Command File
Flux Cal at beginning :
Target Source(s) & Phase cal(s) Loop :
Scan-Time(min)   Target-Name
Flux Cal at End :
In case of any problem contact to snk@gmrt.ncra.tifr.res.in