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User Documents
GMRT Observer’s Manual
System Parameters and Current Status
Polarisation observations with GMRT (V2)
Dual band multi-pointing with GMRT (V2)
GMRT Software Backend Documents
uGMRT upgrade status

Before Observations
GTAC Schedule [NCRA] [GMRT]
White Slot Request[NCRA] [GMRT]
Command file Creater and Observations Setup
Command file Creater (GWB)
Line Observations Frequency Setup (tune)
Source(s) Rise and Set Time
GMRT Exposure Time Calculator
VLA Calibrator Search
Dual band multi-pointing coordinates
Online Archive (GOA)

During Observations
Antenna Tracking Status
Corr band shapes and Project State *
Gain-amplitude and Phase (rantsol)
Visibility - amplitude and phase (xtract)
Antenna Wind Status
Satellite passes

After Observations
LTA to FITS conversion:
AIPS help:
RFI Plots:
GDDP summary:

* gmrtoperations@ncra.tifr.res.in
* snk@gmrt.ncra.tifr.res.in

Antenna Systems
Ondisplay Antenna Tracking Status
Ondisplay History
Feed position status
Pointing Offsets
Wind Monitoring Station
Antenna Wind Status
Temperature Status
Servo data
Electrical Power Status

Analog Backend
GAB Status, Band-Shapes, Temperature
IF Band-Shapes and Deflection data

Digital Backend
GSB band-shapes, Fringe Status
GSB Amp-Phs(rantsol), Amp-Phs(xtract)

Hydrogen Maser

Gmon Tools, Logs

Test Results, Callsheets and Schedules
Useful scripts
New Control and Monitor System (TGC)
Recent Callsheets
GMRT Upgrade Status
Results of Weekly PMQC tests
GDDP, RFI status gray plots
Antenna Beam Width Plots
Schedules and white slot request
Satellite tools