1.Indent / Import Form

2.Cash Purchase Indent Form

3. Work Requisition Form for Job Work

4. Work Requisition Form for Hiring Manpower

5. Proprietary/Single Quote Certificate

6.Public Tender waiver & procurement under Limited Tender

7.Public Tender waiver & procurement under single tender mode

8. Standard Operating Procedures

8.1 For Indent

8.2 For Work Requisition (Job Work)

8.3 For Work Requisition (Manpower)

8.4 For processing quotation

9. TIFR Procedures

9.1 Salvage and Disposal of Equipment

9.2 Office order for Purchase and Accounts Procedure

9.3 Guidelines under Buy-back scheme

9.4 Procedure for Buy-back

9.5 Procedure for Removal or Suspension from the Vendors List

9.6 Procedure for gifting away institutes goods.

10. Flow Charts

10.1 Limited Tender

10.2Import-Post Order

10.3Fast Track

10.4 Public Tender