IF System


Intermediate Frequency System (IF System) converts the signals collected by Front End i.e. R.F. System. IF System converts RF signals in to the appropriate frequency bands which are suitable for transmission through Fiber Optic cables to the Central Electronics Building.

Frequency Conversion or modulation is done with the help of Local Oscillator (LO) Frequency. These LO systems are also situated in the same rack which is called as ABR (Antenna Base Receiver) rack.

IF System means generation of IF frequency as well as amplification of IF signals. The facility of attenuation of IF signal is also available in IF system. By means of this the If signals can be attenuated from 0 to 20 dB in steps of 2dB

There is another facility made available i.e. Band Selection. By this facility the final output can be taken in bands of bandwidth of 6, 16, or 32 MHz.

An important feature of IF system is ALC i.e. Automatic Level Controller. By this feature the output of the IF system can be controlled for particular power level as per the need of the successive stages.